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SPECIAL  LAKOTAS:   Mrs Margaret "Flood" Iyotte, born in Nov 1925 never drank or smoked and bore 11 children.

Baby Freddy "Tokahe He Huni" wasborn 1 lb 6 oz, (23 weeks gestation)and now at four years plays piano.

Thomas Flood "Cekpa" The grandfather of Margaret Flood Iyotte, Born May 17,1864 Died April 6, 1907 at 43 years of age.

We remember Dallas Chief Eagle Jr.  A world class Hoop Dancer, who left for the Spirit World one afternoon in September 1999.  A young man of pure honor who left this world without the taste of drugs or alcohol, who helped our youth and an influence without comparison.  He is greatly missed by all who knew him.  

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