Being Lakota is not a choice by us,..but I am glad Tunkasila chose me to be Lakota.

Being Lakota is not so easy,.  but life is not meant to be so easy,..what is life without struggle?

The harder the struggle the sweeter the success. 

Being Lakota is therefore a priviledge bestowed upon us by Tunkasila.

For this reason I ask for nothing,  I earn it.

For this reason I beg for nothing,..if I deserve it.

For this reason I walk where ever.  Ha! I am not American, I am Universal.

For this reason I ask Tunkasila to pity me,.  You are not Tunkasila so don't pity me.

Don't believe we came from China,..just believe we been there,

Don't believe we came from North Carolina,..just believe we been there.

Don't believe we came from apes,..we never been there. (Although he is relation)

You think you own the world?,.go ahead you can have it, if it fits in your belly you can take it when you leave.

Put a fence around your ranch,..you still don't own it.  The birds know this so they go there.

The gopher knows this also so he eats your corn,..thank you for planting it.

I am Lakota so sell me a fishing liscense to show your arrogance.

Take me to court to face the black robe, he also thinks he is God.

Deny me credit to buy a car, because you think you make the rules.

Kidnap my child because you even think you own our children.

Make me speak English because this is all you know.  This is not England (Figure this out some day)

Being Lakota is to know these things and live with them.

Being a Lakota is knowing what a War Bonnet is for, what a choker is for, what a breast plate is for, what an Eagle feather is for, and not wearing them to prove you are Lakota.

You took my weapons but I am stronger than you,..you stole our children but they sneak back home, you lie to our wives and mothers, but they are Lakotas, you waste your time.

Being Lakota is not bad,...I am very proud to be Lakota

If you try hard maybe you can be Lakota some day.


Richard Keith Iyotte, Wanbli Gleska Tokahe, a Sicangu Lakota

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